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How do I keep the kids and myself safe until I have courage to leave?

For many reasons, you may not be ready to leave the relationship. You still need to be safe in your home. If you have experienced violence in a cycle, you must determine where you are in the cycle at the moment. An advocate can help you to identify warning signs of another serious abuse episode or explosion. This might include building tension, increasingly escalating minor incidents, or verbal threats increasing in frequency or severity..... continue reading

Uggh... How can I get out of this abusive situation?

Have you ever asked yourself: Why don’t I just walk away and leave him/her? This is a common question that people ask about the abused and the abused ask of themselves. It is almost always more complicated than just leaving. Sometimes the batterer will not allow you to leave and may threaten to kill you or other family members if you do. These are not always idle threats. Research tells us that women are more likely to be killed by their battering mates at the time these women try to leave..... continue reading